I guess this is it

I want to blog.  I also want to remember to keep blogging.  So here’s number one.

I think at first I want this to be a food blog.  So, we’ll start with food.  I love food and I love to cook.  Let me say I’m a bit of a conundrum tho.  Here’s the 4-1-1.

I consider myself a vegetarian.  If no one else in the world were involved, I’d probably never eat meat, or fish ever again although I do *like* fish of all kinds.

As my life has changed, I have had to change my attitudes towards cooking and vegetarianism.  Mind you, I’m not VEGAN.  Just a veggie.

My mom has decided at 82 that she really doesn’t like to cook much anymore.  And, she definitely could be a vegetarian except for an occasional shrimp or oyster.  When I spend time with them, which is never often enough for my tastes, but as frequently as possible, I am their chef.

Dad, on the other hand, loves him some meat.  If I suggest chicken, or steak, or pork…he lights up like the Christmas tree – *his own* Christmas tree with many MANY adornments.  So.  Herein lies the conundrum.

This past year, I have come to need a more “steely” stomach, and have turned to being able to prep and cook chicken, beef and pork if for no other reason than my family wants it.

It may not seem that big a deal if you are a meat eater/preparer, but to someone who hasn’t prepared meat in a long time, the feel of flesh to the hand is a bit distasteful.  And, with meats such as chicken & pork, well…the fat…it is just uh…I can’t think of a better word than gross.  Trimming a chop or a chicken thigh – eww.  But, I have survived.  A whole handful of times!

It occurred to me at some point during one of the first episodes of The Next Food Network Star this season that while I’d love to be the next Melissa D’Arabian – home cook turned Food Network Star -I’d have a tough time with something like that because I can cook meat, but I rely on others to taste for me.  I may like to cook different types of food, but I won’t be tasting my meat dishes anytime.  So, if I were ever to send in an audition video to Food Network, I’d have to let them know…or bring along a tasting buddy!

Next food blog might not be on food at all.  It may just be on greyhounds.  Or music.  Or home ownership by the home-challenged.  Or, teaching in a distance environment.  Stay tuned.


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4 Responses to I guess this is it

  1. mom2tomtom says:

    Woo hoo, way to go Mary! (Oh, this is Ashley by the way, you know, from Facebook & Teslaweb?) I say your blog should be about whatever you want to talk about! That’s my policy. I am formally inviting you to be the 2nd person to ever read my blog since you were ever so kind (and brave) as to post the link to yours. http://www.wordpress.mom2tomtom.com See, I can do brave, too! Sort of. Don’t tell anybody, ok? LOL! 😉


  2. mom2tomtom says:

    Oops…it’s mom2tomtom.wordpress.com. I didn’t say I was smart, just brave. 🙂


  3. Pam Aries says:

    Your blog can be about all those interests! Hi Mary..it’s moi…Pam!


  4. Pat Chiquelin says:

    Hi Mary!
    This is terrific and you have inspired me! Thank you so much for sharing and I will look forward to your next entry!


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