Those of you who have known me for a while know I am frequently involved in animal “rescue” (our greyhound group isn’t really a rescue, but an adoption org so I put in the quotations around rescue)…

So, I just have to vent.  Those in animal rescue vent a lot.  🙂

What are some of the total pet peeves I have regarding…well, all the stuff that goes on?

  1. Recently, we’ve encountered people who likely adopted inappropriately.  What do I mean?  Whenever you adopt a pet, you should do your homework.  Reading the “assigned” books isn’t really enough.  Reading everything you can get your hands on is more like it.  Before adopting my first greyhound, I read the book.  Wait, I read the BOOKS, found every article I could, researched adoption groups, talked to other dog owners, dog lovers and specifically I spoke with owners who had MY BREED of dog.  I then prepared myself mentally.  Having a dog is different than having a cat, which is what I had all my life.  Dogs are needy.  Not in a bad way, but they are.  You can’t leave a dog in the house for the weekend while you drive to another state to see a rock concert (yes, this is from experience) knowing that when you get home the dog will be sleeping quietly and the house will be in perfect working order.  No.  Dogs seem to have bigger vet bills than cats.  Dogs need to either be kenneled when you leave or babysat.  Walking is a must unless you have a fenced yard.  Okay, now I’m actually talking about greyhounds…I also learned about the drawbacks of a greyhound (retired racing).  I did my homework.  And….I adopted forever.  There is no turning back.  If my dog were not a dog but a child, I would not consider RETURNING her because of crying, pooping, getting sick, getting grumpy, not playing nicely with others…But somehow, dogs are expendable.  Don’t like the situation?  Give the dog back.  Don’t work at the relationship.  Just give the dog back.  HUH???????
  2. Misunderstanding what a dog is – a dog is a dog.  4 legs.  Fur.  Animal, not human.  Yes, I’ll say that one again.  NOT HUMAN.  Acts on instinct, not innate intelligence.  Okay, let me backtrack and qualify.  My dog is more than a 4 legged furry animal.  She’s my little baby who is UBER smart, and more human than most humans.  But, really she’s a dog.  She has canine drawbacks.  She’s not good with other dogs.  She’s really not good with kids…she’s not really house trained but she is kinda…I don’t pre-suppose that my pup could be really good at babysitting children.  Left alone with a small child, she would correct any inappropriate behavior.  Left alone she would not play well with other dogs…she’d eat all the cookies in the house, play with every stuffed animal btwn here and Toledo.  Coombs & I have been though everything – house breaking, foster dogs, thunder phobia, water phobia, death of a sibling, separation anxiety…I’m sure there are other things…never once have I thought she is expendable.  She’s mine.  I’m hers.  We’re our own tiny pack.  How can you return a dog??
  3. Oh…I’m drunk now so I don’t have 3.  I’ve probably covered it all in 2 and 1.  But, after I publish this and get some sleep, I may come back and add more.

Here’s the thing.  If nothing else, understand that animal adoption should be forever.  If you can’t commit to forever, don’t.  Don’t do it at all.  Another will come along and adopt.  Better to get the right home forever than the wrong home for a little while.  We thank you for your desire, but the dog’s welfare is the most important thing.  Think of the effect your short-sightedness will have on the dog.  They may not be human, but they know what change is.  And some dogs have had TOO much change in their lives to withstand one more.

Off soapbox.

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