Internet…email…and all that stuff

I think I’ve probably said this before but the internet is not a toy.  Not that I don’t play on it all day long…I *teach* via the internet…so it is a great mechanism…for lots of stuff.

Lately there seems to be an upswing in people being surprised by the lack of “privacy” on social networking sites.  Facebook posts your phone number and location…people blogging and getting fired for it.  Let’s revisit.

This is THE WORLD WIDE WEB.  When you use it, you are talking to THE WORLD.  Note the use of the word WORLD in the description WORLD WIDE WEB.  If you are using something that designates it is WORLD WIDE in it’s title…well, your ability to be private is limited.

So, if you’re using Facebook, Myspace or Twitter…and you are putting your name out there on the WORLD WIDE WEB…be prepared to have the world read it.  No amount of privacy controls will stop someone who really wants to find you.  If people can hack these social networking sites and plant viruses, you better bet they can easily get at your Facebook “private” information.

Then there’s email.  Has anyone realized that email isn’t really a secure method of transferring information?  Way back in the day when people actually used envelopes and stamps, it was an implied (and actual) crime to open someone elses’ mail.  Now-a-days, you can have your “e” communications hacked and it’s no biggie…because it’s so much harder to catch.  So…back to the internet thing.  Don’t use it for sensitive communications.

I’m not big on phones.  I don’t like to call people except my parents.  BUT, if there’s something I don’t want the world to see, I’d rather pick up the phone than use email to communicate it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and maybe Facebook should be more secure with our personal info but they aren’t.  And, therefore, respecting the fact that we’ve got this situation where what we say online can be used to judge us really should have a deep impact on how we use…THE WORLD WIDE WEB.  Common sense, y’all.  Common sense.

Off soapbox.

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