Feeling wordy…

I don’t even have a topic, but I feel like writing.  So, off I go.

It’s Friday and I am getting very close to a very busy 10 weeks of my life.  I don’t think I’ve ever postponed my vacations until the end of the year as I have this year. 

Next week is my annual Cursillo team event – if you don’t know Cursillo, it’s okay.  It’s a Christian retreat, 4 days for us to be in service to God and our community.  (The Diocese of SC Cursillo website is www.cursillosc.org if you want to check it out).

Once I come back REFRESHED from that weekend, I begin my new position at Blackbaud – writing.  Course wear for our classes.  A week and a half at the office and then I’m off to Shiprocked (see www.getshiprocked.com) and communing with Rock ‘n Roll. 

After I get back from that, another week & a half in the office then Thanksgiving.  I know I don’t have to explain that one. 

Two weeks in the office then off to Christmas break for 2+ weeks at my parents house. 

I am toying again with moving up there.  Long story (if you want to know it, let me know…)

Yup…and now I have to prepare for the last day of class in my week from hell.  Four more classes and it’s off to Seabrook Island, Camp St. Christopher and Cursillo 161.  God is GREAT all the time…all the time, God is GREAT!


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One Response to Feeling wordy…

  1. Momalegal says:

    Can I even begin to explain how jealous I am that you are going to Shiprocked? So, so, SO jealous! 🙂 That all sounds like an excellent way to end the year to me!


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