So maybe I’m wrong….

So, it’s a day I feel like blogging.  Again.

I think I am confused about people.  Thus I like dogs more.  Sorry everyone that didn’t know.  I’m more of a dog person than a people person.

The fact that dogs don’t do ANYTHING to deserve the their treatment, so often…why do we leave them in the back yard for days on end when it’s blazingly hot, astronomically cold, raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing…why do we do that?

It’s probably because I read ANOTHER email about the fate of greyhound racing in Florida and other articles…and I’m still not convinced that just because the greyhound racing industry goes away in Florida (or most of Florida), that greyhounds will be “saved” from the breeders.  I don’t know nuthin…I’m not omniscient…but I am realistic.  So a greyhound owner/breeder realizes they no longer will have an outlet for their racing dogs…okay, you do the math.

Maybe it’s because I don’t trust humans much that I am so up in arms about this.  Maybe it’s that I have seen too much insanity in my many many MANY years.  Maybe I’m 100% wrong.  But, I’m just sayin – I don’t think they’ll magically all be absorbed into the adoption racket…magically.  It’s my OPINION…and not the opinion of any one else.

Let’s hope they are.  Let’s hope I am (as I often am) wrong.


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