Read this please

But before you read it, know, please that I didn’t even know the article existed on the GPA site.  I did not know there was any research being done on the whole “where will the dogs go” issue.  And, I was pretty sure no one had actually ASKED the question, “Who’s gonna take all these greyhounds?”  But…luckily, Rory Goree is on the job.

Unfortunately, some of you probably contribute to HSUS and ASPCA thinking that when such a crisis as this happens, they’ll step in.  Guess again.  1000 dogs.  10,000 dogs.  Could be displaced in a matter of a month.  Where will those dogs go?  Who will help pay for their welfare?

I guess they’ll go where the trainers, owners or whoever will be able to move them.  Forever homes?  Brood matrons in Argentina?  Maybe they’ll just disappear.

If you can’t donate…you have a voice.  Call those organizations you’ve donated to – HSUS, ASPCA.  Ask THEM to help.  If racing is so awful (and again, I’m kinda vanilla on that statement), what will THOSE organizations do to help?  Ask them to help.  Please ask them to help.


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  1. Momalegal says:

    Is it okay if I share a link to this on twitter?


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