My aren’t we chatty this week…

So I’m back on the greyhound thing y’all.  I say that because some of you may want to tune me out at this point.

I look at my girl sleeping over there (you can see where I’m pointing, right?) and think, “How would my life be different if I hadn’t adopted you?”  So, I’ll extrapolate.  Good and bad.  I promise.

If I hadn’t met and adopted Coombsy:

  1. I wouldn’t know the joys of a greyhound who will sit (really sit) for a cookie and give paw.  Oh, and follow you around sitting in case you MIGHT have a cookie.  Truly obedience trained…or at least she used to be.
  2. I wouldn’t know what it means, security-wise, to have a crate trained dog.  I know where she is when I’m gone.  Asleep in her crate.
  3. I wouldn’t know the absolute elation of a dog who truly LOVES squeaky toys.  For around 2-4 minutes a day.
  4. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have a velcro pup.  STILL.  After 7 years.
  5. I would never have had a dog that smiles.  And giggles.  She giggles sometimes.

Of course, she isn’t perfect.  If I had not adopted Coombsy, I would never know about:

  1. Thunder phobia
  2. Canine first aid
  3. Dog aggression
  4. Housebreaking
  5. Water phobia
  6. Food issues
  7. Squirrel killing
  8. Toy dissecting

So what.  I’ve learned so much about dogs…and people from Coombsy.  And, I like to share it.  Might be why I am so “on” about greyhounds and adoption lately.  Greyhounds make GREAT pets.  And I know they are not the dog for everyone.  But, they are sweet loving animals.  Companion pets.  And, she’s just the love of my life.  As was Free Free.  And Flyer.


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One Response to My aren’t we chatty this week…

  1. Regan says:

    Aw, Mary you make me smile. And laugh. And cry. (It was the dissected toy line, really)



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