While I’m waiting for the clothes to dry…

I know my readership is limited, so I feel somewhat safe talking here…

In the past couple of days, I’ve noticed in my little social network, a lot about the GREAT news of greyhound racing ending in Florida.  Here’s a funny thing…

The news is being shared on Facebook, and it’s clearly stated by a certain non-profit organization (with no adoption groups attached to them…and no grant money available from them) that racing will be “slowly phased out”.

Really?  That’s NOT what I’ve heard.  I admit, I’m not the most IN THE LOOP kinda gal, but I’ve heard that certain tracks will CLOSE THEIR DOORS to live racing as soon as that law is signed.  Is that slowly?  Are they phasing it out?

Already there have been documented cases of owners/trainers making deals with certain types of situations taking these dogs out of the control of the greyhound watchdog groups here in the USA.  Is that the kind of careful consideration these non-profits are giving to this new law?  And, again I ask…where’s the assistance for the ACTUAL adoption and rescue groups?  Grant money???

As a concerned citizen, greyhound lover and somewhat intelligent person, I ask the powers that be to put their money where their mouths are.  Seriously.

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