Driving with Emily

So, I have this trip I’m going on…I decide I am going to take the Garmin with me.  Well, I actually was asked if I have a GPS, then I asked Jim if I could take the GPS (the one I got him for Christmas)…thus, I have the Garmin with me.  Jim has set the Garmin to speak as Emily, the British guide.  And, her volume is BLAZINGLY loud.  So much so that every first time she talks, I scream and swerve.  Scares the crap out of me, no lie.

Emily did an interesting job of guiding me up 95.  You might say, “95 is one road, Mary.  How complicated could that be?”  Well.  Let’s just say that I was willing to go along with the little detour using 295 around Richmond.  Never much liked driving thru downtown Richmond anyway.  It was a bit out of the way but not too bad.

I protested when she took me thru Alexandria…but had NO IDEA she was planning my demise by actually directing me through Washington DC DOWNTOWN…at 6:30 PM.  Yes.  While I enjoyed my quick view of the Pentagon on my way into DC, and a picturesque horizon including the Capitol rotunda…oh, and who could forget the Washington Monument…but I really did NOT need to drive down Pennsylvania Avenue today.  I really didn’t.

Jim will be intrigued that not only is Emily gone now…she’s much quieter now that I’ve found the volume.  Oh, and I think she’s had a sex change.  She may be Jack.

Onto the weekend plans.  Yes – it’s time for some rock and roll.


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