It’s part of me…I will always ROCK…

I dunno.  I’ve been a rock-girl for so long I don’t ever remember NOT being a girl in love with a good screeching guitar solo.  I know that it started with Magic Man…so what was that, 1975?  Do the math.  I’ve loved rock and roll for way more than half my life.

Yeah, yeah…I grew up in a musical family so I suppose I was pre-disposed to adoring music overall.  But, I grew up in the age of disco (before you get all up in a tear, I liked it…and still think it has “medicinal value”…) so being a proud card carrying rocker (okay, there’s no card) was not cast in stone in my formative years.  Oh, did I mention both my parents sang with the Boston Symphony Orchestra?  That was kinda ‘in there’ too.  So…

When I heard Magic Man, I knew that I would have to rock.  Forever.  You might ask why I’m telling you all this.

I like other music.  Sometimes, I get questioned about my connection to rock ‘n roll, and why I still listen…patronize…go to shows…when other forms or music are more “my age”.  Well, I’ve pondered it, I swear.  Those who know me won’t be surprised for me to say I’ve prayed on it.

God SERIOUSLY doesn’t want me to change how he’s made me.  I know he has made me this way.  Hard-wired me to love this music, enjoy the thrill of the show…I even like that slight ringing in the ears after an especially loud and enjoyable show…God MADE ME that way.  I am not powerful enough to have dreamed all this up on my own.  I’m probably not that smart either!

So, when you meet me, or next time you see me…know that you are meeting someone who loves rock ‘n roll.  Period.  Don’t try to change that.  Embrace it.  Take me as I am…or, not.  I will not change…


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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4 Responses to It’s part of me…I will always ROCK…

  1. Ash says:

    Amen, sistah! You rock! I miss see you at shows. We’ll have to get together for one soon! 🙂


  2. Louisa Bacio says:

    Hey there … you stopped by my blog today for the tour but didn’t leave an email address … If you wanted a book, let me know …


  3. Cricket says:

    Magic Man… Don’t Ann & Nancy Wilson just ROCK?!?! I fell in love with that song, too – especially that a GIRL was playing that solo! And they’re still rocking today.


    • Mary says:

      Oh, that’s so true. I wanted to be Nancy for years. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I like to eat more than I truly wanna be a rock guitar player…and Lord knows I’ll *never* look as good as Nancy does.


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