It’s tough to be 48

Yeah, I’m gonna wind up posting this on both Facebook and Twitter…so you all know now.  I’m old.  Or, older.

I’ve found, this past year, that things are different after 45.  So, I am warning those of you who have not reached it yet…be aware.

Even though people may say, “You don’t LOOK ___ (when over 45)!”, what they really mean is, “OMG, why don’t you act like an adult!”  I don’t.  I’m still sad I’m not 30, and I’m not in the 80’s living my life the way I live it now even though I was too naive at that time to know what it was like to actually have fun…

Realize that you don’t recuperate at the same speed as you did when you were…well, younger than you are right now!  I remember drinking.  Barfing.  And then doing it all over again!  Nope.  Can’t do that.  I also remember feeling sick for one day.  Then,  you’re UP AND AT ‘EM!  Nope.  Not anymore.

Hair.  It stops growing where it should and shows up in awful places.  Face.  WHAT?  Why am I getting a mustache????  I swear.

Here’s the big one.  I’m always trying to be healthy, although I’m the least healthy vegetarian I know….but, if you are NOT IN SHAPE when you hit…well, over 45…you’re screwed.  Metabolism slows down.  Fat reappropriates itself to places you REALLY don’t want it.  Oh, and it STAYS there!!!  Damn it!  D-A-M-N IT!!!

I don’t have any sage advice yet.  Aside from, don’t drink, don’t get sick, pluck your face and for God’s sake, get in shape before your 40’s!  Wow.  I don’t wanna be an old fart!

That being said…I love my life.  I love my friends (whether I’ve met you or not) and I am happy to be blessed with the job, family & friends I have…and I have yet to make.  Tomorrow is a gift!  Every day is a gift.  Embrace it.  There’s my advice.


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2 Responses to It’s tough to be 48

  1. Cricket says:

    YOU will never be an old fart, Mary. 😉 Getting old is a question of mind over matter: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. I know 20 somethings who are old; I know 70 & 80 somethings that are young. Embrace this new phase of your life.


  2. maryaquino says:

    Yeah…I have a little bit of a different perspective now that I’ve had to move in with my 80 something parents in the past week or two. Trying hard not to become a retired person. : )


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