Random thoughts and actions

So I’m worried.  And because I’m worried I can only sit here and play with the PC for so long.  I played until 9:30 and then decided I needed to get up and make hummus.  Yeah, because I can.

I go out to the kitchen – for those of you who don’t know, I live with my parents now, so this is  “new” kitchen I’m not 100% sure of…and I pull out the cans of garbanzo beans, three huge cloves of garlic, sesame oil, a lemon, olive oil and the can opener.  Oh, and the food processor.  I drain the chick peas, dump them in the food processor.  Smash the three garlic cloves, peel them cut them into quarters (because they’re THAT big) and dump them in the food processor.  Zest the lemon, squeeze the lemon.  Drizzle a bit of sesame oil into the bowl of the processor.  Salt.  Pepper.  Clamp the top on, and pulse a few times.  Grab the olive oil and after I turn on the processor, I stream in the olive oil.  Stop it, scrape the sides.  Start it up, stream in a bit more olive oil.  Stop it, taste, adjust seasoning (in this case it was a bit more lemon juice, some more pepper and the sesame oil (I use this instead of tahini).  One more go-round until smooth.  I find a plastic container and put my concoction in it.  Pop it in the fridge, do the dishes….and it’s 9:49.  All that in 20 minutes.  Took me longer to type it.

I still love that restaurant down the street.  Wish I had the cash to make it happen.  It needs a face lift.  But it would be a great lunch/dinner spot.  I’d do a to-go menu of all kinds of sandwiches.  On home baked bread.  I’d do two or three lunch specials (like a blue plate special…meatloaf, spaghetti & meatballs, roast chicken and rosemary red potatoes.  I’d have some good southern sides too…mac & cheese, beans & greens, and maybe some fried okra (or green tomatoes if possible…or maybe even pickles!).

I have my dinner menu all figured out.

  1. Meatloaf with gravy, two sides
  2. Pasta with red sauce (depends on my mood what shape it will be)
  3. Roast chicken, two sides
  4. Fish & chips
  5. Portabello mushroom “steak” with stuffing, two sides
  6. Some grilled beef – I’m not sure on that one

Everything would come with a side salad and bread (home made, of course).  Vegetarian options upon request (that will be printed on the menu)!

Sunday Brunch would be

  1. Eggs any way
  2. Biscuits
  3. Pancakes or french toast
  4. Waffles
  5. Breakfast meat
  6. Roast beef
  7. Macaroni & cheese
  8. Tossed salad
  9. Fried chicken
  10. Potatoes…whatever way I feel like makin ’em.

I’d like to run a Friday & Saturday night lounge (liquor license and all)…with some spiffy marketing around designated drivers – like the DD drinks for free and each party that provides the car keys and a DD’s name gets 1st round and one appetizer free.  I might just pay a cop extra to check IDs and  determine if people are OK to drive.

Then, here’s the thing.  Any family with kids that might not get a meal because of hardship can eat for free.  They get to order one entree, including the two sides, drink, salad & bread.  I would do that through schools & churches, so that they know to come and ask for me.  They get treated like any other patron, so it’s not “obvious” and they can come and go with dignity.  I’d figure out a way to keep up with them…

Anyway, I think Coombsy has finally settled down – she’s had a rough two weeks.  I’m not sure she’s totally happy here…but, she doesn’t really have a choice.  She is a good girl, and she knows that she is with me for what it’s worth.

If you’ve read this far, say a little prayer for my oddball extended family.  We need some good juju comin at us.  Not for the restaurant…that’s my little pipe dream.  This is for my family’s health and well being.

Thanks for reading.



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