Why can’t I be a TV Show host?

Okay, I know the answer but indulge me.

I have the TV running as noise in the background all day long.  I don’t listen to it really, except for snippets and I don’t THINK it blows my concentration…

I have nothing against existing talk show hosts.  But…

I wonder.  Who is Wendy Williams?  Why does she have a show?

And, I like The View (except when they argue and all talk at once), but who is Lee Lee Anthony?  Why does she get to guest host?  She married an NBA star.  So she’s a TV Host?  HUH???

I have a great sense of humor.  And I’m pretty easy to get along with.  And I have a college degree.  Why can’t I be a TV Show host?  Should I go marry an NBA star?  (Okay, they’re all 30 years younger than I am….your point?)  Is it the whole reality TV thing?  I never exploited myself on a reality show.  So I can’t be a TV Show Host?

While I’m on the subject, why is Kim Kardashian important at all?  Does being Bruce Jenner’s stepdaughter really make you news?

Okay, back to normal.


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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