Sad but real fight…fat fat fat

I am forever fighting the urge to eat everything in the house.  I’m a voracious eater, and that’s a reality.  I used to say (when I exercised regularly) that I exercise so I can eat the way I like to eat.  Sad thing is, that since I’ve stopped working out – convenience cannot be overstated here…my life does NOT make working out convenient…I have not stopped consuming the same amount of food as when I WAS working out.

So why am I blogging today?  Here’s the statement that chaps my hide EVERY time I read it.  Drink water!  Most of the time when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty and so if you drink water you’ll be satiated.  I’m 48.  I can tell you right now….most of the time when I’m hungry, I’m hungry.  Not thirsty.  I drink btwn 64-80 oz of water a day.  Not ONCE has a glass of water made me full.  So, for those “fitness gurus” out there that say, “drinking a glass of water will make you feel full and satisfied,” let me tell you.  A bag of pretzels (the 1 lb single serving size thank you) or french fries will make me satisfied.  A glass of water will make me pee.

I need to start a blog – maybe that’s what I’ll do – blog about losing and gaining weight REALITY.  If I do it, I’ll link it from here.  OR, I may just make it a category…so all of you who are faithful followers of my drivel can watch my progress (or regress).

Who’s with me?  Who wants to shoot down the nutty jerks that swear we are “satisfied” by one piece of celery and a glass of water?  Maybe I’ll see if I can blog what I’m trying to do with my new life and exercise regimen – If you support me, leave me a comment here…I will only seriously consider it if I  know people will read and follow.

Back to my filling glass of water………….



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5 Responses to Sad but real fight…fat fat fat

  1. MIchele says:

    I will follow you Mary. I hate drinking water. So that is never the solution for me. I enjoy your humor and thoughts. Have fun with it.


  2. I’m with you! I drink water, but that isn’t working for me, either. I guess constantly running to kids’ ball games and eating concession stand food isn’t helping, either, but I can’t use that excuse year-round (yet!).


  3. Tammy says:

    Go, Mary! i drink more water than I used to, and I don’t see any difference either. And, exercise….well, that’s a different story.


  4. Tiffany says:

    Water just makes me pee, too. I just took up running. Good luck, babe! -Tiff


  5. Cynde says:

    I am definitely a follower! Blog on girlfriend!!


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