This will be the only time I post twice in one day…I think

My commitment to you:

I said I was going to do this if I got response.  33 views today.  That’s a response!  More than I’ve ever had.  So, I may be silly…I may have some insight.  If I figure something out, I will share.  I might just provide links to information I’ve found.  Not saying y’all have to do what I’m doing – but even today – I think I will be “googling” senior+citizen+nutrition+needs and the like, as I think I might need to help out with better nutrition in this house.  So…

From you, I ask only one thing – share – on Facebook, if you’re there.  You read a post on this blog and laugh, or say, “mmmm….never thought of that” or even say, “YOU ARE CRAZY, Mary!” – share it on your page.  Share my post by clicking the “Share” link.  I would love to have tons of people read my frustration with the “diet” world…maybe we’ll shake a little reality into their worlds!

I’ve registered (or whatever you call it) this blog with Google, Bing and YahooSearch.  So…the rest is up to you!  And me, of course!  Oh…and if you’re a Twitter follower of mine – RT!

Love you all!


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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