Day 1 – Stranger than real life?

Yeah, so it’s not a surprise that this morning on Good Morning America (which I watch because my parents watch it…) one of the “lead” stories is how the US has super-sized…and we are obese beyond our wildest imagination.  So how fitting is it that I’m starting on this “quest” to best the “weight loss” industry…Well, not really – I doubt I can take down the giant, but I would like to put some truth in it for those of us who really are trying to be healthy

This is what I did.  I “Googled” weight loss tips.  Believe it or not, I actually came up with a great page – and I found an article on natural weight loss solutions that is realistic!  Here’s something I want to impress upon anyone reading my blog:  we can’t all be twiggy (I mean that in the specific reference to Twiggy, and the general reference to looking like a twig).  Shoot for healthy.  Healthy works.  Healthy is good.

One premise that Weight Watchers (yes, I’ve been on them, nutri-system, slim-fast…you name it) harps on is not to deprive yourself.  I’m not sure their points-plus system works for everyone because I ate all the fruit & veggies I could and lost a whopping 1.8 lbs in 4 weeks.  That’s totally unusual for me.

I admit, also, that we have to move.  Someone sent me a message saying that they started to walk for 30 minutes at lunch and it has done wonders for them.  I’m gonna try that this week.  Water, walking, then “back to it”.  I’ll see.

And, I’m on the hook for figuring out whether or not the “diet” my parents follow (not diet in the sense of losing weight, but what they eat overall) is actually benefiting them or not.  Anyone who is a specialist in senior citizen nutrition, I’d love to chat with you…not joking there.  I’m looking for help.

I’ve got some recommended links to the blog.  Please, visit them.  I’m not being PAID to include them…but I believe the natural weight loss, Good Morning America, Weight Watchers and at least the “health” wordpress link are good ones.  Not so sure about any of the others. They were suggested for me.

Tomorrow’s blog might be in the evening – and it could be a good testimony of eating “on the road” since I have to spend the day in Charleston, but be back here for dinner.

By the way, epic fail here – and I’m being honest.  I really did okay yesterday…until while watching The Mentalist (or maybe it was Chopped) I got a hankering for popcorn.  Guess my mom & dad don’t know about light popcorn…I may introduce them…cuz while Coombsy LOVED the grease and salt, it did NOTHING for my waistline…except it made me thirsty.  Thus I drank more water.  And…well, you all know the rest.

Glasses up – toast to the 2nd cup of water for the day.  I am NOT full from it.  But I drink it anyway.  See y’all tomorrow.


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One Response to Day 1 – Stranger than real life?

  1. Great post, Mary. Love the links – good info! If you find healthy popcorn which really tastes good and buttery but not too salty, SHARE IT GIRL. I love popcorn and so I eat the cardiac sort once in a while rather than the crappy kind more often, but if there’s some that is GOOD in both way, I’m really really ready to hear!


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