Day 2 – You never eat well on the road

Makes me sound like I have such a wild and crazy life, huh?


Today’s lesson is the opposite of all the lessons I’ve talked about so far.  If I don’t drink water, I get headaches.  Thus, this will be a very mild, short blog because my head is killing me.

But, without my typical 16 oz glass in hand all day long, I didn’t really drink but maybe two cups.  Yeah, I actually mean 16 oz total of water.  I was hungry all day…but I think I was just hungry all day.  Not any kind of revelation there.

I’ve also made a decision that I am going to try walking for exercise every day.  30 minutes.  Whenever I can get it in all at once.  Starting Monday, of course.  I’ve found that if I try to start something on Sunday (even though it’s the first true day of the week), by Monday, I’ve lost interest.  Don’t laugh.  Well, go ahead and laugh.  I can lose interest in 24 hours.  Thus, if I want it to be a weekday thing, I better start on a weekday.

I’ve been besieged by ads, and daily fitness emails telling me how walking is better than anything in the world.  My personal fitness guru (who actually never has said that I can remember anything about drinking a glass of water will make me feel not hungry…she does WANT me to drink water, but hasn’t said that) is Denise Austin.  I am not sure y’all have heard of her.  She’s peppy.  And very “up”.  But, she’s “stuck with me” for uh…let’s see…more years than I’m going to admit today.  And, she has helped me many times.  When I’m at my house in 2 weeks, I’m going to gather all my Denise Austin DVDs and bring them back here.  And my weights.  Oh, and….sorry I digress.  She (Denise) has, for the past few days, been doing a thing in her daily fitness email about walking.  I have read it and thought….well, here’s a good idea.  Glad I thought of it.

Wish me luck.  Cross post.  Maybe walk too – I am going to try to do it btwn 12-12:30 every week day.  Maybe a different time on weekends.

Must take more headache relief.  Until tomorrow…


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