Day 4 – I missed a day…but I gained a day!

Okay, so I just have to tell you how good I feel.  I know that all two of you reading my insanity are waiting with baited breath to know what the heck I’m talking about.

Remember the other day?  C’mon, even *I* remember the other day.  🙂  The other day I talked about not starting to walk 30 minutes a day until Monday  because I frequently do not follow through on what I say I’m going to do when I start on Sunday.  Well, let me tell you about today.

It had a very inauspicious start…first day back at work after a week of sickness, known as vacation.  So, I’m stuck trying to do work when I can’t access any of the files I need to use.  This goes on most of the day.  I finally decide after trying and trying and trying, to use an old file I had saved on my hard drive.  I’ll copy it to the network later.

What, you may ask, does all this have to do with the commitment to walk for 30 minutes a day?  Remember I said I’d do it at lunch?  Well, because of all the network turmoil…I never even ate lunch.  Of course.  If you know me, you know that is par for the course.

BUT!  Yes, there’s a but in there!  But, I re-committed myself to walk after dinner when it was cooler out (ha, it’s never cooler here) and the best part is…I *DID* it!  I walked for 30 minutes.

So, as I’m walking, I’m thinking…maybe evening would be better than lunch.  It is awfully hot at noon.  And, I stop working at 4.  That’s actually the hottest point in the day.  So at 7-7:30 or sometime around then is the best time.

Here’s a tip from Denise Austin:  “Pay attention to form: Keep your head erect, back straight, and your abdomen flat. Land on the heel of your foot and roll forward to push off on the ball of your foot. Swing your arms freely at your side!”  Her website has a great page called The Health Benefits of Walking which includes some cool tips, and very valid points.

I am beginning to wonder why, when it was “time” for me to sign up for some sort of new-fangled weight-loss/exercise thing (there is a time for everything, as the song says), why oh WHY oh why did I choose to go with anyone aside from Denise Austin as she has gotten me through many weight ups and downs.  I almost always land back on her doorstep, figuratively of course.

A friend suggested a couple of other pages to me.  One from Martha Stewart world…having to do with Healthy Living.  I’ll look ’em up and post them tomorrow.  For now, I’m happy to say that I’m onto day two of walking, and day five of this journey.

Thanks, if I haven’t said it recently, for reading.


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