Day 5 – You’ve all been waiting with baited breath, right?

Did she?  Didn’t she?  Was it morning, noon or night?

Well, you can give me the round of applause now.  Two days in a row.  Yep.  30 minutes each time.  This time I even remembered Denise’s tips…good posture, keep abs tight.  I should actually hear them in my sleep,  believe it or not.

And, laugh now.  I drank oh…8 or so 16 oz glasses of water.  Yep.  But, of course, I was still hungry as a horse at dinner time.  I wish that would subside.

So, what is the plan?  Well, the overall plan is to try to maintain good posture all day.  If I remember to do my seat-squats, I try to do at least 2 reps of them.  And, a 30 minute walk.  After work and dinner.  Let’s me get all sweaty (believe me, it’s pretty sweaty) and then take a shower before bed.  Big question is, what will I do when it rains Thurs-Sat?  We shall see.

And, eating-wise, I’m doing something like this:

1 serving of cereal (btwn 160-200 calories with milk) with blueberries for breakfast

1 small pita toasted with 1 tsp peanut butter and a handful of carrots at lunch

Whatever’s on the block for dinner.

My goal is to have wine 3 days a week: Thurs-Saturday (just one little bottle)

I have to count out the nutritive value…but I’m pretty sure I’m good on the fiber and protein end of things.  Maybe just the calcium and other vitamins/minerals.

So this time I have a link for you – it’s from UNC TV the PBS affiliate down here.  It’s about walking for health and contains some great additional links.  Here it is:

And one on recommended daily values.  Doesn’t mean this is what you HAVE to take in, just recommendations!

Talk about food for thought!  Happy reading.

Oh yeah, I forgot (don’t know how I forgot) about one last tip I should have heeded from Denise Austin:  Get good shoes: Go to a shoe store and have new walking shoes professionally fitted.  My shoes aren’t right for walking.  So my feet are killing me!  I need to get some good walking shoes.  Or bring my good ones up from home.

Okay – night all!


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