Day 6? Is it Day 6 already?

Well, time does fly when you’re….okay, we’ll leave the rest of that saying off.

I am still on mark, but I’ve gotta tell you what happened.  It’s summer.  Big surprise, I know.  And as summer goes in the southeast, after around 3 PM, typically we’re fair game for pop up thunder showers.  Now, I’m not a chicken, but I’m not tempting fate by taking my 5′ 9″ body out beside a golf course on a walk when there are thunderstorms in the area…not to mention my dog freaks in thunderstorms and I don’t really want to leave her with my parents while she’s freaking out…poor excuse, the other is the real reason I had NO plans to walk today.

I still wanted to get my 30 minutes in.  I was kinda bummin, because I didn’t think I would be on track to get in a workout.  (Do you see it coming?)

Then, a little light bulb went off in my head.  A few years back when video cassettes were going by the wayside and DVDs were becoming hot, I tried to find my parents an exercise DVD that was close to Denise Austin’s Non-Aerobic Workout…a workout I used for about 100 years to keep fit.  Anyway, they loved it and did it every morning for quite a few years.  In my effort to replace it (can’t find it on DVD), I did find a Prevention fitness systems “Get Moving” DVD.  I’ll find a link to it and post it in the blog.  So, my thoughts that I would NOT be able to work out tonight were banished from my head while I popped the disc into my PC’s player…and away we went.  Guess what.  There are two types of workouts on the DVD.  Toning, and WALKING.  HA!  So, since there are supposed to be afternoon thunder showers for the rest of the week…I now know what I can do in the absence of walking outdoors.

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually have enjoyed the walking I’ve been doing.  Even reminded myself of what I love about living in the south…being waved at by every neighbor including the ones I don’t know.  Now THAT’S southern living!  Can’t get that in New Jersey…nothing against Jersey – lived there too!

I still haven’t taken the time to figure out the nutrition of all the food I’m eating.  I make it sound like ALL.  Small bowl of cereal with blueberries and milk, OJ and coffee for breakfast, pita with 1 tsp of natural peanut butter and a few carrots for lunch and then EVERYTHING that is in front of me for dinner.  Usually frozen yogurt for dessert.  And, of course…ZILLIONS OF GLASSES OF WATER!  🙂

Oh, one last thing before I look up the link for the DVD – have I ever mentioned I’m an instant gratification kinda gal?  It’s been 3 days of exercising and eating better…and I’m still fat.  Damn it.  DAMN IT (oops, sorry for those of you who don’t curse)…Why aren’t I thinner?  Why don’t I fit any better in my jeans???  It’s my body and I want it back NOW!  FYI, stomping my feet on the ground doesn’t change a thing…but maybe it uses up a few calories?

Now for that link to the Prevention fitness systems exercise video:

Remember, I’m not trying to sell anything – it’s just what I used today.  When I pick up the DVDs I have at my house to use, I will suggest them too…

Fasting labs in the morning.  Oh so much fun.  Won’t stop me from trying to get that workout in tomorrow…walking or otherwise…


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