Day … 7? Bet you thought I forgot!

Well, you would be correct.  I forgot.  However, it’s been a hectic day.  After working my typical 9.5 hours, I activated my new phone, had dinner with the family (didn’t cook this time…), walked the dogs, dried the dishes, WORKED OUT for 30 minutes, then took on writing Palanca after installing my printer on my new PC (it didn’t work automatically – so much for plug & play.)

You saw that.  I worked out for 30 minutes!  That’s twice this week (in lieu of walking) and both times 30 minutes.  My sneakers REALLY hurt me when I walk.  And while I know I *shouldn’t* work out barefoot…I can.  So I do.  What’s the difference if I’m working out or walking, right?  I’m doing 30 minutes of physical activity.

My concern?  Well, it has to do with the fancy Spanish word I threw in the list of things I did today (Palanca).  I head to Cursillo next week, to be on my 4th team.  It’s a wonderful experience, Cursillo is.  And in the Diocese of South Carolina, it’s a total blessing that we get to attend Cursillo at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island.  If you are ever wondering whether God exists, head out to Camp St. Christopher.  You can *tell* he does!

Anyway, what is the Cursillo thing?  Our diocesan website for Cursillo in the Diocese of SC is  Check it out – my name might even be on the “Team” list for Cursillo #164.

Well, I’m writing palanca.  It’s a “gift”.  I actually think that palanca means gift.  It may not.  Why was I telling you all this?  OH YEAH…my worry about next week’s Cursillo weekend.  The “joke” about Cursillo is the brownies – there is SO MUCH FOOD on a weekend, you gain a ton of weight!  Actually, they say that the food has no calories…it’s just that the Holy Spirit weighs 20 lbs!

Anyway, I’m hoping that all the running around I do will make the lack of sleep, bad eating habits and well…lack of sleep and bad eating habits (and no regular exercise…just running around) counteract each other.

Well, that’s all tonight.  Can’t say I haven’t been applying myself.  However, I have to point out that I haven’t LOST any weight yet.  I don’t even feel any “firmer”.  Four days already.  I’m gonna look for a local Zumba class when I get back here.

Let’s see if this will work:

Why can't I post from Facebook?

My new phone (photo stolen from mobile mag....)


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2 Responses to Day … 7? Bet you thought I forgot!

  1. Cynde says:

    I love zumba…but you have to give it a fair chance. Don’t go expecting to “get it right”, just go & DO IT! I’ve become addicted (but still don’t get it right!!) hang in there…love ya.


  2. Mary says:

    Oh, that’s what I was thinking…I figure around here – I’ll be the youngest in class too!


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