Day 11 – take it while you can get it…

Yep, that’s what I say.  I am off to a retreat on Wednesday, so there may not be much “palaver” comin your way from my blog from Wed to Sun.  I will try…no promises here.

What?  You’re bummed out?  No.  Say it ain’t so!

Are you keeping count?  It’s now been 8 days of working out – I will be going to a ZUMBA class tomorrow (yee haw!) so that will be 9 days of working out.  Then I’m off to the land of over eating and junk food, praying for the strength to NOT be a cow.

You all read my blog yesterday, right?  So you know my idea…I think I want to task you with homework.  Tell someone about my idea.  I don’t mind.  I think that if we care enough about each other, we should care enough to spread the news that Jesus did not want his children to want for anything – he would want the children to be fed.

So, tell a friend.  Don’t know what to say?  Say, “This crazy girl that blogs…I read her blog every day and she has this wild idea…what do you think about that?”

Glorious day the beach

So a few posts back I gave you some homework.  I wanted you to read up on Cursillo.  Did you do your homework? I only ask because I’m on my way to Seabrook Island in just about a day…Cursillo.  Click the link.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful!

Finally, something I really enjoyed today from Denise Austin.  She is a very positive influence.  So her daily newsletter had Six ways to spread positivity.  Read it.  I’m *positive* it will have an impact on you.  : )

Let’s see how things go – hopefully I’ll “chat” with y’all tomorrow night.  Just depends on how things go… Peace out.



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One Response to Day 11 – take it while you can get it…

  1. Hay, if y’all haven’t done your homework and checked up on Cursillo, you really should. Nothing will change your life for the better like Cursillo! No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord – you’ll come away blessed beyond belief! Seriously! Have a amazing time, Mary and come on back hee and tell us ALL ABOUT it!


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