Day 13…if you’re keeping count, I missed a blog day

But here I am…and yes, it’s after midnight so technically I missed 2 but really I won’t blog again until tonight.

So….how has everyone been?

I took a Zumba class on Tuesday night.  Wow.  Now THAT’S working out!  My friend who I took the class with was MUCH better at it than I was…but I think that I can do it.  So I will (when I get back to Myrtle Beach) look for a place to Zumba.  WooooHOO!

Now, if you asked me if I worked out today, I would have to say that no, I did not work out in a formal work out.  However, I walked about 100,000 steps…seriously.  And, I carried stuff around.  And, I went crazy drinking water.  So…yeah, I think I worked out today.  🙂

Those of you who have known me for a while might know that I am afraid to get my hair cut.  Well, I did today.  And I survived.  And the cut is awesome and I will highly recommend her.  She is currently in school at the Paul Mitchell school in N. Charleston.  Her name is Lindsay and she did a FANTASTIC job keeping the length but definitely making my long straggly hair look good.  As a matter of fact, i’m going to recommend the Paul Mitchell school overall – the receptionist or front desk assistant or project manager or whatever she is made a PERFECT match of hair stylist and client.  Couldn’t have asked for a better one!  And, the cut was awesome.  So YAY!

And, I am seeing friends this weekend that I miss so much…shout out to Cynde – thinking of you and praying for you, girl!  I do miss you tons.  Plus I am getting to hang with new friends.  This will be an awesome weekend.  I won’t badger you all with it again, but if you haven’t read about the Cursillo movement yet…please do.  Raise us up in prayer.  We will be changing lives this weekend, if you didn’t know – people get to grow closer to Christ in their weekends…and learn more about walking in his shoes – learning to WASH OTHERS FEET.

I also think I found out that I am NOT alone in the fact that I don’t like kids too much but I’m called to help them.  How crazy is that?  I’ll say it again…HOW CRAZY IS THAT??

Last thought and then I have to sleep.  While you might think that I’m nuts, and that I’m keeping up this blog for no good reason…I have not felt at all “slimmer” based on my hours and hours of “good behavior”…but here’s the thing.  I put on a pair of my Lucky jeans today.  Not my skinny ones, I’ll admit…but hell…I put on A PAIR of them.  I win.

Feeling okay – and I know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  I am surrounded by my God’s WONDERFUL work…

night all…


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