I’m out of touch with what day it is…

I have to say, living along with retired people even if I’m working for a living, I get confused as to what day it actually is.  Maybe it has nothing to do with living with retired people.

This blog will likely NOT be about weight loss (although I truly haven’t EATEN much today…but whatever).  It will be about faith.  And faith when nothing in your day tells you to have faith…aside from your faith.

I’m not going to rehash my history, it is splattered across this blog and other places on the web…plus if you’re DYING to know what’s up with me, drop me a comment and I’ll get back with ya.

I’ve been told twice in the past week that I’ve “given up my life” for being with my family during a time of crisis.  Actually, I take that back…3 times.  Here’s two comments on that.  One said tongue in cheek, and one not.

Tongue in cheek:  What life was that, since I really didn’t HAVE much of a life to “give up”…

Not tongue in cheek:  Seriously – I know someone who GAVE HIS LIFE FOR ALL OF US so that we wouldn’t die but would have everlasting life….so what if I don’t get to live in my house in Summerville. Is that such a big deal?  Not to me.  When I look at how much I have *in him*, I can’t for a moment think I’ve given anything close to what he gave.  Christ, as our savior, gave it all.  He died on a cross so that we could live.  All he asked of us was to go forth and make disciples of all, baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Oh, and to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul…well…

My Church - and it can be your church too!

I had to put in a plug to where I am being fed currently – The Well by the Sea in Myrtle Beach. 

So, reality check here – I’m not some sort of wonderful soul.  I’m just doing what I do.  And, my mom…who thanks me all the time and tells me she OWES me…well, my response to her is, “You gave birth to me…I think the score is even…”

Peace of Christ to all of you.



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3 Responses to I’m out of touch with what day it is…

  1. Hi Mary. First off – you’re wrong about one thing you posted here. I KNOW you and YES you ARE a wonderful soul. There are some things about us that only those who love us can see in us and we cannot see in ourselves.

    That being said (and dear readers if she denies this, she is wrong. She is special) I can also relate with so many of the points you are making in this post. You know, when we are at a point where faith is all we have left to hold onto, we realize that somehow along the way we forgot that it’s EVERYTHING and that all we truly are and ever really were meant to be begins with faith and hope in Him.

    Good stuff! Oh, and I just earlier this afternoon realized “shoot, what day is it? In the event that anyone is wondering, yup – it’s Friday.

    Prayers and hugs to you!


  2. Roymac says:

    Mary, nice work here. Glad it was about faith and you stopped trashing “retired people”.
    And BTW, it’s Tuesday.


    • maryaquino says:

      Nice try. : ) I might believe it was Tuesday except this is the “just post-Cursillo week” and I was sick on Tuesday.

      BTW, I’ve been a working “retired person” for over a month now. How can I trash what I actually AM?? ; )

      Faith is WHERE IT IS, man.


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