So much to do, so little weekend…

Don’t you wish the weekends were 5 days long and the weeks were 2?  Some weekends there just isn’t enough time to do what we need or want to do.  So…here’s a few things on my mind lately:

1.  I need to exercise.  Didn’t we have this discussion?  Why am I coming back to this now?  Here’s the thing.  Tonight, in an effort to help demystify the pills in my dad’s daily pill minder (I won’t go thru the conversation leading UP to this discussion…it would take more time than we have…) I found myself explaining water and fat soluable vitamins, and how it seemed okay to take a multi-vitamin because some days he doesn’t feel like eating everything we put on the plate…and those days he might need a little extra “oomph”…and his asking me, “How do you know all this…” it occured to me that I *used* to be healthy.  I used to look forward to healthy smoothies, fresh veggies and hours of exercise (well, not so much look FORWARD to exercising but…) and I was thriving.  Now I’m a lump.  Of…well, lumpiness.  So – I have to exercise.  I’m considering trying running again but I’ve had so many issues with joint pain.  We’ll just have to take it as it comes.

In an effort to be as non-attention deficit as possible, another Dad topic:

2. I had an experience today that was an amazing learning experience, a moving spiritual experience…and a healing experience too!  So, I had been praying this past week using the Book of Common Prayer’s prayers for the sick (ministrations to the sick).  I had also planned to ask a couple of friends of mine from The Well by the Sea to (at some point during the coming week) pray with me, although in our own homes…lift up in prayer my dad – but I was falling under the influence of the evil one who kept telling me I wasn’t worthy to do this kind of thing – today after church (a later story…) I asked them all if they would pray with me…right then, and then at another time annointed by God.  So, they prayed over me – annointed my hands with oil – and as I prayed, 6 PM kept coming up in my head – I closed my eyes and set my eyes on Jesus and I hear/saw him saying 6 PM.  Tonight…do not delay.  So, I told them that.  And tonight, at 6 PM, I laid hands on my dad, used the blessed oil and prayed prayers from the healing service in the BCP.  I could feel the Devil behind me, but I could FEEL the presence of Jesus and the prayers coming from my friends at that time.  I may post a prayer time later this week and ask all my praying friends to work together on this again.  By the way, I’m not asking for anything from Jesus during this prayer, just praying the words in the Book of Common Prayer – whatever is written is what I pray for (so it’s not like I’m praying for my dad to live forever – I looked for that prayer in the BCP and it’s not there.  I looked.)  But here’s what I learned.  I had something EVIL in my ear telling me I’m not good enough, not worthy…not able…all the things the evil one will say to you.  I didn’t have the power to tell him to get out of my way so I can continue to fix my eyes on Jesus.  Or, I didn’t KNOW how to kick him to the curb and walk hand in hand with my savior.  But I learned today.  I’m gonna try that this week…because there are lots of times when I know it’s the devil whispering in my ear.  I just have to get him far away.

Praising Angel

Uh…next…well, I have to send a shout out to the fact that I didn’t think that this past Cursillo weekend actually “gave” me anything…most of them do – team or participant, I usually walk away from the weekend knowing the lesson I learned.  Here’s the thing.  Who knew that you could actually figure out LATER that you had gained an angel…on earth.  I have.

3.  Church today – well, hahaha…actually, The Well by the Sea has a new home.  And we will be at this home for quite a while.  So, those of you who are friends and want to visit Myrtle Beach over a weekend and need to attend church during the weekend, you will have to worship with me at The Well by the Sea.  Our new worship area is amazing.  The coffee house will be a huge hit.  You should all come visit soon.

During worship today, at The Well by the Sea

Let’s see – I made some awesome three bean salad today, and sent a whole meat loaf home with Jim.  He says I make the best meat loaf.  That, of course, is high praise and a ton of pressure.  Mind you, I make a great meat loaf without being able to sample it.  So, I’m winging it making the meat loaf.  But he seems to love it.  Or he’s being REALLY nice.  Let me know if you need a meat loaf recipe.  I’ll share.

AND, I made some “chicken” stir fry (with non-chicken chicken)…I was going to make some more bread but I’m wiped out.  See, it’s just too few hours in the weekend.  I have to get up and head over to the washing machine to wash some clothes…but my motivation is in the terlet.  Yep, I spelled it like that on purpose.  But, Coop brought me my favorite cookbook yesterday, and the BCP I received on my reaffirmation…and weights, and my juicer…so many “things” which I don’t really need…but I’m just trying to make it seem like home without moving my entire house here (well, I guess eventually most of the contents will have to get here…) but the cookbook…well, it is the best cookbook in the whole world.


As always, I’ve gone terribly a-skew….so sorry.  There are “I like waffles” moments in my life and this just happens to be one of them.  Thanks all for checking in.  I will try to keep y’all up on all the excitement going on in Carolina Shores.


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3 Responses to So much to do, so little weekend…

  1. Hi Mary! Awesome stuff! A very full weekend! I have some protection prayers based on Ephesians 6 which I’ll share with you which will bring you some added peace against the evil one, but if he’s that present with you girl, you and Jesus are keeping close company! Praying for y’all.


  2. maryaquino says:

    See, I never thought of it that way. I thought it was because I am weak…but you’re right…he’s only gonna “be there” if I’m doing SOMETHING right. Thanks for that thought. I pray Ephesians 6 a lot. I have some palanca that was given to me on 164 that is how to PRAY Ephesians and I’ve been trying to do that whenever I think of it. Put on the FULL armor of God!


  3. Those are powerful protection prayers. Fr Mike Flynn, author and lecturer on healing as well as baptism in the Holy Spirit, whote a series of prayers based on Ephesians 6 which are posted on his website. I attended his leccture on the Holy Spirit last fall. I’ve sometimes had such constant battle with the evil one that I prayed them daily and more than once a day . . . You can also pray them to protect someone else. Satan used people close to us to work agaist us . . . been there too.


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