How bad am I? Confessions of a closet PC game player

Okay, I wouldn’t call myself addicted, but…when presented with Mahjohng Tiles or Solitaire, I can’t seem to stop.  You know Mahjohng Tiles, right?

It so happens that I have the darn game on my phone too.  So, if I get bored with my surroundings, I can play it any time.  I won’t bother posting a picture of Solitaire.  If you don’t know what I mean, you haven’t ever been around PC games or a deck of cards.

So, last night I had all good intentions of blogging.  I had this PC going (there are 3 PCs on my bed here…so…) and I was GOING to write.  What did I do?  I played 10 games of majohng tiles and about 35 games of solitaire.  I won 4 games of solitaire.  Won two games of tiles too.

Tonight I must go to the store – so I don’t know when or if I will blog tonight (thus the late afternoon ramblings).  I need a presentation clicker, and a lot of juice-able veggies.  Oh, and the dog needs kibble too.

I am hoping for a blast of inspiration.  I seem to be able to write my work stuff – that’s excellent, as I need to make money…supporting two households on my paycheck ain’t too easy…but for whatever reason, I am dry where my personal literary quest is concerned.

Oh well.  Let’s just pray for a good night and a blessed rest.  I can deal with that.

Y’all are in my prayers-in bulk, but that’s good too!  God, please bless my blog readers!  🙂


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