Gwinna’s Story – part 2

Gwinna knew the amulet was gone because even though fairies
hide things of value during stressful times, she was on good terms with most of
the local fairies.  She had lunch with one of the princesses just last week.

As a nymph, Gwinna knew her job was to be one with nature in
her neck of the island forests, keeping the live oaks live and the magnolias in
bloom in the spring.  She was a keeper of the jasmine, most especially.  Her family
crest contained the live oak and jasmine…it was emblazoned on the amulet.

So it made little sense that the amulet was stolen, as it has no power on its own.  There was a myth of joining her family’s amulet with an amulet of a family in the Arab
desert to produce greater power, however that was never proven and the Arab
fairy family was never located.

Gwinna sensed danger, however.  Without her family’s amulet her general power
(and her siblings powers) would be reduced over time.  The amulet was of little use to others, but it was of great use to her.

She knew there was one who could help locate the amulet, but it would take a lot of her power to call out to her.  Before she connected to the wind and air, she wanted to meditate on the amulet and see if she could find anything in the astral network that would give her a clue.
She had spent the evening hours in a deep trance, focusing all her energy on the amulet itself, to no avail.  She would have to call for help.

There was one who could help – but she lived as a human.  Humans are so different than
nymphs.  They are self-absorbed and consumed with shame over the outward body.
Nymphs live with nature, in all its glory.  “Nature protects us, in our most natural
state,” her mother always told her.  Resigned to the fact that she would be calling out into the human realm, she covered herself with the clothing she hated.  So,
she grabbed the most airy shirt and skirt she could find, of a clearly natural
fabric and left for the live oak gallery.

She waited for the full silence of the air, earth, and sky to consume her and she opened herself to calling out across the realms.   Her blonde hair, in this state, began to
glow as she felt her communications open up to the cosmos.

Her request sang out through the grove, was picked up on the wind and vibrated into other realms. Within moments a reply returned, cloaked in images of hope and the soft
scent of sandalwood.  A meeting, to discuss.  She acknowledged and projected
herself from the oak grove in her realm to a grove of live oaks outside in the
human realm.  Her projection provided a direct path. Within moments, she and her assigned guardian stood facing each other.  They had never met before,
but they knew everything about each other because they were linked by

“Hi, Tricia – I’m Gwinna Dryades.  You probably knew that.  I’m sorry I dragged you out here.”  She always talked the way she thought – stream consciousness and quickly…

“It’s not a problem,” Trish replied. “You said you need help.  How can I help?”

Gwinna’s face lightened and her hair stopped glowing.  The change in hair seemed to startle Tricia…at least it seemed that way to Gwinna. “The family amulet.  It’s
gone missing…” a slight frown came over her face as she said the words.

“Remind me, Gwinna.  What is the power of the amulet?  Protection?  Casting out evil?”

Gwinna shook her head. “No, nothing like that.  It holds the family crest which is where we
maintain our power.”

“Oh,” Tricia said with little inflection in her voice at all.

“I know, it doesn’t seem important, but…

Tricia broke in, “I didn’t mean to belittle the importance.  I was troubleshooting…it’s
what I do…” She smiled.  “Who would take an amulet with personal power, but not useful to draw on other powers?”

Gwinna still seemed a bit defensive, “I checked with the fairies – I don’t think it was them.  Our Satyr friends don’t think so either and none of them have seen it.”

“It’s okay, Gwinna.  We’ll figure it out.  I can help, I’m sure.”  Finally Tricia seemed as if she was on board and ready to help.  At least to Gwinna.

“What can we do?” Gwinna asked.

“Well, let’s just try to figure out some backstory, okay?” Tricia seemed so rational.  Most of the beings Gwinna came in contact with were not quite as rational as this.  It was refreshing, and yet a bit disturbing to a being with not an ounce of logic for the “outside world”.

Gwinna nodded and sighed. “Well, I did talk with some fairy friends and my satyr neighbors.  They both think that it is not a ‘local’ thief.  They think more magically-global.”

“Why do they think that, Gwinna?  Did they say?”

“Because of the prophecy. They think it might be connected.”

She spoke of the prophecy as if Tricia had been aware of it all along.  There wasn’t even an inkling she didn’t know about it.

Tricia furrowed her brow and put her hands in her pockets.  Gazing into the heart of the
grove, she took a few deep breaths.  “This is the Arab family prophecy, right?”

Gwinna nodded again.

“Is it possible the family exists?  Let’s think that through.  I know we all dismissed the idea but what if?”

Gwinna furrowed her brow as she thought.  “It’s possible.  We left it alone when we didn’t find them…but that was…well, a long time ago.  Maybe we need to investigate again…”

Tricia nodded.  Her gaze was set, focused, and true.

Whenever Gwinna began to feel better, she often caught scents of the earthen elements she was chosen to protect.  Jasmine and oak hovered around her head, soothing her and bolstering her aura.

“I wasn’t involved in the search, Tricia.  What do we do?”

Tricia’s face lit up, her smile deepened.  “That’s my job, Gwinna.  Don’t you worry about that.”


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  1. Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!


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