So, fiction doesn’t go over well…

I thought I’d try something different – but not many people want a diversion, I guess.

I am going to have to assume you appreciate my wit, and my crazy randomness.

Well, let me give you a little of my reality for a few.  I’ll try to make it comical, as in retrospect, everything has a touch of comedy, doesn’t it?

I’ve found that my life, as I know it, is to be the gatekeeper in a particularly odd relationship.  I am not, at all, the only person to be in a situation such as this.  I just am.  So, I claim no novelty…I know what I’m going thru others have gone through before me, and others will go through after.

I’m watching as my role in my family becomes the reverse of what you would expect.  The child is now the parent.

I don’t know why we are doomed to live this kind of life – how absolutely “shape shifting” to have this happen.  You have certain *norms* in your life that you expect to maintain.  The sun will come up most mornings, it will set most evenings.  Your employer will expect a certain amount of work for the money you are paid.  Your dog will need to be fed, walked and cookied…well, MY dog will need to be fed, walked,  and cookied.  Your mom and dad will always take care of you.

So, when it turns around and the sun comes up at night, and sets in the daytime…or something like that – it does a number on you.  That’s where I’m at right now.

Thus, fiction.  I like to pretend…and I’d like to pretend that I could blink my eyes…that all of this would go back to the way it was five or so years ago.  At that moment, time should stand still.  Knowing what I know now…well, I actually don’t think I’d do anything differently aside from suggesting that some other people do things differently.

Moral of the story?  You will grow old.  You may wind up with your life roles reversed.  What can you learn from this?  Those of you who are young…don’t rush it.  Stay young.  Enjoy young.  Live, love, travel, eat…enjoy young.  And, enjoy your family.  Seriously – if you can figure out a way to tolerate (hopefully love with all your heart and soul but tolerate if you don’t have a loving family) the members of your family – do it now.  You don’t know what tomorrow is.  And, you may find that tomorrow is actually never going to happen.

I’m waxing prophetic, I realize.  And the cliches are probably painful…sadly, they are true.  I wish I could tell you that life doesn’t change…but, as a very wise lyricist once said, “life’s beautiful and life sucks…” which is 100% true.  Life’s beautiful.  In the very same breath I can say it sucks too.  And, I guess in the same song, it is said “you’re tellin everyone the world’s unfair well…so what?”

I am not, however, telling anyone the world is unfair.  The world is…just that…the world.

So, in these moments of no wit, no huge wisdom…just some odd cliches strung together with my tru-isms…well, I think without my faith in God, I would probably be a bit of a mess.

I am, however, just a bit.  A little bit.  And I go on.


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One Response to So, fiction doesn’t go over well…

  1. Oh, how I remember those days of one parent critically ill and the other with a whole hold of challenges of her own. I felt like a mess but didn’t dare show it. Trust me, it’s healthier to show it, my friend. The role reversal thing seems to come slamming into us head on rather than gently approach little by little. You are loved and prayed for. If you need to talk or vent there’s a kindrid spirit willing to listen.


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