Catching up

This will be short…hard to believe.  I don’t feel much like sharing about life right now but I wanted to say that I’m still working out 4-6 times a week (Usually Sunday’s off) mostly at Curves, but I also do weight training and toning here at home.

The body doesn’t re-sculpt as quickly as I hoped.  Just an FYI.

My foot is no better.  It’s not really worse, but now my dad (yeah, the sick one) wants me to go get it checked out.  I may.  It’s causing other problems now too.  And I am winding up with aches and pains from compensating.  Enough about me.

I think I am going to ease myself into organic eating.  I bought a lot of organic stuff last weekend and I want to be organic.  Don’t know if I can get the ‘rents on that path but I can try…

Okay.  Hope y’all are well.  We are getting by here.  Maybe next time I’ll write about Coombsy.  She says hello to everyone.

Oh, and don’t let anyone ever tell you greyhounds can’t sit.  She has.  From day one.  See?



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One Response to Catching up

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yay for starting to go organic! A few years ago I started buying the occasional organic item and now I prefer it for certain things (organic = no HFCS, which is important to me). It gets expensive, but by picking out just a few things every week, it’s not so bad.
    And good luck getting your parents to eat organic… my dad would NEVER (he also refuses to eat vegetables), but my mom is more open-minded… hopefully yours accept it easier than mine. 🙂


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