I hope I don’t get excommunicated!

I just changed my Facebook status.  Yup, it was slightly sacreligious…well, probably not – but combined with what it was BEFORE I changed it, I could be severely chastised by those who act more Christianly than I do.

But, those of you following me on this crazy journey I’ve been on for a few months…well, this will be almost a religious experience for you.  Okay, it was almost a religious experience for me…you can basque in my glory.

I can put on my Buckle Li’l Maggies.  Okay, they’re a size 14, but if you know Lucky Jeans, Li’l Maggies run a tiny bit small (about one size) and most have NO spandex.  And, if you know anything about me, I don’t like my jeans to feel like a second skin.  I like to be able to sit.  And breathe.  And sit and breathe at the same time.  So…these have been a “sticking point” with regards to my fatness.

These are Jade, not the ones I have...but the thought is there...

They’re on!  And comfy!

Back to excommunicating…Before I changed my status – it was something I got from my Bible Gateway weekly e-newsletter:  “Lord, open my eyes to see your mercy and grace in my life. Then show me my appropriate response.”

Do you think maybe this is a worldly response to me praying that prayer?  Please, don’t excommunicate me!

Let’s see…it’s September, and the Monsters of Rock cruise is only about 5 months away.  I still could firm up a bit more and be able to wear ALL my Lucky Jeans!!!


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