Proudest moments

Okay, not really proudest moments but…

Today, the owner of the Curves I go to was the only one in the building when I got there – and we were chatting.  I think I got half the circuit done when she said to me, “Are you interested in moving up to the Smart card work out?”  Now, everyone has the option to do so, I believe…but this is EXACTLY what I was waiting for – the Smart Card keeps track of your exertion and heart rate, gets you working at the “optimal” level and gives you feedback on each of the machines:  work harder, or you can back off a bit.  It costs something for the card.  And, I think there might be a maintenance fee or something – I’m not sure.  And, I was planning to get my coach Beverly to get me all tuned up for that…but Nancy took the initiative – and I’m going to start the process with the 3 mornings’ resting heart rate.  Starting tomorrow morning.  🙂  Yay!

Why is this good?  Well, because I want to be more aggressive in my training – closer to a toning regimine.  Really get the muscles back into shape.  I’ve always wanted to be on the verge of “cut”…so, I am excited.  Okay…

And, on a completely different note, we start chemo tomorrow.  I am worried, but in a “something will change, I know it” kinda worried.  Not worried about the decision made.  Some treatment is better than none, and we’re moving forward.  We’re looking on the bright side of this – after 12 weeks, he should be better.  So…we’re excited for the possibility of a lowered PSA, less cancer activity and a much better appetite after all is said and done.  Right in time for Christmas!

Yes folks, that means Christmas is just about 12 weeks away.  Have you started your shopping?


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