And yet another new venture…

I can’t wait to get back to Curves – after my last post…I was HIT HARD with the flu.  So, I didn’t exactly feel up to going off to the gym.  And, this week is bone scan/bloodwork/tons of church goings and comings…but I plan to attend Curves EVERY day except maybe Tuesday.  Just depends…

Now, I want to mention a venture I will kick off in just a few minutes, so that some of you can “understand” what I’m doing.  I was driving home from church this afternoon after going to Costco, Home Depot & the Deli near the church…and I realized that I love going “out to eat”.  And, I am in Myrtle Vegas…one of the restaurant capitals of the world.  Well, maybe the southeast…..okay, of the Carolinas….but I want to “report” on my findings of going out to eat.  Oh, I might just toss in a review of a favorite spot in Charleston too.  But that’s what I’m going to do.  Here’s the gig:

1.  I will report on my experience  and my experience alone, even if I go with others.

2. I will report on my food, unless something extra-ordinary happens I just have to tell about (good or bad).

3.  I will DEFINITELY report on my ability to find something to eat – those of you who don’t know, I’m a vegetarian (and I like to TRY to keep to that when I’m out as much as possible…although I will dabble in seafood).  And, since I try to keep it pretty healthy, I will add that information in too.  BTW, sometimes you just can’t do the healthy thing.  I know it and you know it.  I do live in the South, y’know….

4.  I will, if a place is known for their meat dishes and I attend with someone who EATS meat, report on quality of the meat dish.

5.  My rating system is going to be smiley-faces.  Five smiley faces is excellent.  No smiley faces is really really NOT excellent.

6.  I will try to do one a week.  Some weeks I may have to “fill in” with previous experiences due to commitments that may not allow me to eat out.

So, come along on my culinary ride.  BTW, if I can include food photos, I will.



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