Christopher’s Pizza, Carolina Shores/Calabash, NC

Okay, this is a review of a place that I *frequent*.  So, I will gush.

The first time I ate pizza from Christopher’s I decided that their pizza with one topping, eggplant, was a good idea.  Because I had not ever eaten there before, I had no idea what I was getting into.

Most of you know I’m a yankee – born in NY, grew up in Massachusetts.  I’m used to yankee pizza…and all the great flavors, textures…the stuff that we can get up north is different.  I don’t yearn for it.  It’s true.  I like living in the south, I like the food for the most part…but northern pizza…well…

So, here I am ordering “eggplant” on my pizza.  I love eggplant anyway.  But this…well…it’s sliced paper thin, breaded as if for an eggplant parm sub.  It’s cut into small enough pieces that you don’t wind up taking all the cheese with you when you bite into it…but big enough that the flavor is there.  I swear they serve this in heaven.

Their awesome pizza would be enough.  We’ve had it with eggplant.  With olives and peppers and mushrooms.  Just ‘shrooms.  Olives only.  Cheese (it’s good)…we always get the traditional crust.  Small, medium, large.  Doesn’t matter what size.  Go for the pizza.

BUT…their dinners are outstanding too.  I’m partial to Elizabeth’s Eggplant.  But Jim is partial to Mambo Italiano.  Daddy likes their Frutti Di Mare.  I’ve had the canneloni, mom has had the manicotti.  Oh, I’ve had the Fra Diavolo too.  All outstanding.  The food is great, the portions are giant and you get salad and bread too!

They’ll deliver, but we always pick it up.  It’s less than a mile away.  And, you can go and sit in their restaurant, or at their counter.  Food … outstanding.  People are all nice.  I think they’re worth the visit no matter where you are on the Grand Strand.  I’m gonna give them a big ole 5 smiley faces and a thumbs up.

Visit them on the net at Christopher’s Pizza.


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1 Response to Christopher’s Pizza, Carolina Shores/Calabash, NC

  1. maryaquino says:

    Had their 12″ white pizza tonight. De-lish. I didn’t eat ALL of it…twas a family thing.


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