I love you too much

How often have you said that?

For me, I have begun saying it at least a few times a week.  Those of you who know me will not be surprised by who I am saying it to…but…I have had new reason to “up the ante” lately.

About two to three times a week I snuggle with my sweet 11+ year old greyhound, Coombsy and tell her how much I love her.  And then I admit…I love her too much.  How do I know that I love her too much?

  • Whenever I’m away from her for a period of time, I wonder how she is.  Is she okay?  Did she get scared by a thunderstorm, or did she sleep upside-down in her crate?  Has she had enough cookies today?
  • Whenever I can’t locate her quickly (in a 2400 square foot house with only 6 rooms), I worry that she’s “gotten out”…even though no one would have opened the door…especially when I’m the only one in the house.  And, in the 8+ years I’ve had her, she’s never “escaped” an open door.  Only once has she been loose when Time Warner left the back gate open…but she came back when I screamed, “Coombsy!  Cookies!!” (is she not well trained??)
  • If anyone except I walk her, I worry that they’re not holding the leash tight enough.  She’s never tried to escape on a walk.  But, I’m gonna worry.
  • If another dog approaches her, I’m worried that she’ll get stressed out and bite or hide.  (Okay, she does have a tendency to snap at other dogs…but likely at this point in her life it’s more ME than her…)
  • And the big one…I almost came unglued when I had to leave her to get her teeth cleaned a week and a half ago.  I mean, unglued.  I love her too much.

So why does this make a difference?  Well, her two “brothers” – first Flyer, and then Freef- died of Osteo.  Flyer died of osteo a week before I got Coombsy.  Freef died about 2 years after I got him.  I know she’s gonna die.  Probably before I do.  But really, I hate that we can’t seem to find a cure for cancer…canine or other.  Honestly, if we cure canine cancer, is human cancer far behind (and vice versa!)

Two friends this week lost their dogs to osteosarcoma.  It’s awful.  And, friends earlier this year lost dogs to other forms of cancer.  I’ve lost two.  My mom & dad lost one.  I don’t know…it gets harder and harder…but to see these sweet pups learn to LOVE retirement and become the best friends you’ll ever have…well, I guess I just have to learn to live with the fact that I love my dog too much.



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One Response to I love you too much

  1. Kim Gillen says:

    Awwwwwwww! I love my dog too much, too. (((hugs)))


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