What would you think?

I’m posting to my blog-reading public…and I will do my level best to change the names to protect the guilty because I’m just that way.

Let’s say you had family in another state.  Let’s say possibly over 800 miles away.

Let’s also say for argument sake you know that part of this family (800 miles away) is sick in a way that you have been told is something the family member will never recover from and will continue to decline.  Let’s say this family member cares enough about you that you are included in the will when the family member passes.

Let’s also say that yet another family member…very close to the one that is sick and living in the same town as the one that is sick…had a birthday this past week.  Let’s say this family member has always been caring, kind, loving to you.

Think about all that for a moment. Then let me know what your actions would be. Minimum actions are fine (at least I would do ______).

More when I get back from Cursillo 166.


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2 Responses to What would you think?

  1. Wow, Mary. It is past my bedtime and my cough won’t let me sleep so that combined with my having lived through a similar tale once and expect to again . . . leaves me offering an ear to listen, arms to hug, prayers, prayers, and more prayers and especially for the now upon us Cursillo weekend. Blessings and love, Sister


  2. mellissa stuber says:

    My dear friend, my heart breaks for you and I wish I could be there for you. Mary, I am praying for your Father and entire family. I love you Sweetheart.


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