Who wants to open a restaurant with me?

English: The logo of Food Network.

Yes, I love my job.  Don’t worry, I’m not changing careers.

Today, I’m somewhat “suffering” from laryngitis…and a tiny sore throat – mostly from talking for 5 days (when sometimes I don’t talk at all for a week).

So, when I’m under the weather, I frequently spend a lot of time watching the food network.  Today was no different.  I have become enamored with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  If you haven’t watched her yet, 9:30 on Saturday morning on Food Network.  Go for it.  I can related to someone who calls food that doesn’t EXACTLY come out looking pretty “rustic”.  That’s me.  I make rustic food.  Sometimes I make pretty food, but usually I make rustic food.

Okay, back to opening the restaurant…I don’t really want to.  I think I just want a Food Network show about wanting to open a restaurant.  🙂  A Food Network sit-com.

I decided today that I was going to make bread.  Not unusual…however, turns out, I’m NOT currently making bread.  I, instead, decided to go with pulled-chicken.  I’m not sure what I’m doing but I thought I would simulate the Boston butt – in a crock pot – idea but instead make it with chicken.  Put the chicken in the crock pot with salt, pepper, garlic powder and mustard…and white balsamic vinegar.  It’s gonna cook on high for a while, although it kinda goes against the idea of SLOW cooker but I don’t want it to be done in the morning.  I want to take it out of the crock pot tonight.  It’s going to be gently cooked for 4 hours (on high, but…slow cookers are gentle).  Then I’ll turn it down for 2 hours.  I’ll have it done before 10.

I may still make bread.  I have missed my Kitchen Aid.  Not as much as I missed my mom and puppies while I was gone but…I missed my Kitchen Aid.

So, now I have 23 recipes in my food network recipe box.  Not enough for a restaurant.  Anyone want to open one with me?


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3 Responses to Who wants to open a restaurant with me?

  1. Irene says:

    Do you have any ideas about how to do it? I am also want to, but I dont have experience, in fact, I am a graduate student. Please contact me.


  2. maryaquino says:

    No, sorry Irene – it’s a pipe dream for me. Too many other responsibilities to give it all up and open a restaurant.


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