One more before I rest

I’m not usually this prolific, I know.  But, I thought I would “get it all out” right now.  I’m about to defy all culinary aspirations (btw, pronounce that word culinary with a LONG “u” please…my mom would love it) and explain my theory of cooking and baking to an extent.

Just as a proclamation, let me say: I use ALL recipes as a guide.  I can measure quite well.  However, when cooking – sauteing, or saucing, or otherwise dinner-ing, I use all recipes as the “idea starter” and then kinda flower from there.  And, I mean flower…not flour. So, any recipe I write down, I kinda got an idea from somewhere…but it’s not EXACTLY the same as anyone else’s recipe.  I can’t say I’m stealing recipes and not giving credit where credit’s due.  I’ve learned a little bit from every chef I’ve ever seen on TV, ever meal I’ve ever eaten, and everything my mom has ever taught me (she would probably say she hasn’t taught me anything, but she has).

I’m the same way (for the most part) with baking, although people say, “YOU CAN’T make up baking recipes or fudge amounts…”  I disagree.  I have few recipes that have ever totally bombed.  However, I have lots that I’ve improvised.  I always remember to keep the amounts of baking powder or baking soda (or yeast) the same, and sub out dry for dry, wet for wet (exception: eggs).

I’m working (mentally) on modified cinnamon rolls where they are made with cocoa powder, sugar, and melted butter and sprinkled with chocolate chunks (or chips) and maybe even a peanut butter drizzle (or cocoa, I’m not sure…).  I just have to figure out the flavors and then sub item for item.

Why am I writing this?  Maybe to exclude me from ever being on The Next Food Network Star…or maybe the exact opposite…

Someone nominate me.  I’m up for it.


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