Blog often…

In the immortal words of my new public-figure-mentor Ree Drummond (if I could be someone else right now, it would be her…), blogging is like exercising.  Well, she didn’t REALLY say that but…she mentioned that blogging should happen frequently.  I guess that exercise should too.

I don’t have my typical topic today – no recipe yet but I’m hard at work on a peanut butter – chocolate cookie recipe.  It will come this weekend, I think.

It’s July 4th and that day will (probably for a while) be a hard one to get through…mom & dad would have been married for 57 years.  Well, they HAVE been married for 57 years.  He’s just not in the house celebrating with us this year.

I want to sleep or bake.  I should bake.  I might nap tho.

Mom is playing the piano.


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One Response to Blog often…

  1. Peanut butter . . . piano . . . writing . . . quilting . . . life is hard to get through, you’re right. Some days harder than others. Minds distracted and hearts split into pieces sometimes, yet somehow the creative process settles things some and for some of us that brings us closer to the Creator. Lisen to the song in your heart and have a cookie, Mary . . . and a hug.


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