Another not-a-recipe post….

My God loves all.  My God accepts us where we are…just like Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4.  I try to be like Jesus, as best I can.  I try to accept and not judge, for I know who the ultimate judge is.  I try to consider people’s feelings before I make a proclamation.  And, if I make that proclamation for all to see, I expect others may voice their opinions too…they may even stand against my opinion.  If I want everyone to continue to “agree” with me, I typically don’t make a hot-button proclamation.  It’s never a bad thing to continue silence for the greater good.

A long time ago, a boss of mine told me that I *had* to wear shoes at work because if I walked around barefoot and hurt myself, I could sue my employer.  It’s my fault for walking around barefoot…why would I sue my employer?  If I cause the problem, I’m not gonna cry foul because someone else done me wrong.  I done me wrong.  My own fault.  So…

My God is a loving, caring God.  My Jesus showed compassion for those who were not “accepted” by society.

Think about it.


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One Response to Another not-a-recipe post….

  1. Cricket says:

    I wish more “Christians” felt this way. They probably do. I wish they would be more vocal about it & not let the not so religious right dictate proclaim to speak for everyone.


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