Sometimes it’s not about food…

Hahaha.  Right.  Sure it is.  This time it’s just that I’ve eaten too much food and I have to come to grips with that fact.

Enter yoga.  Well, not really but kind of.

So, it has all the types of yoga meant for me.  Yoga for Beginners.  Yoga for Inflexible people (although, i am fairly pliable…mostly figuratively tho).  And yoga for stress relief.  I’m not stressed…I just have TMJ that never quits.  I find myself clenching my jaw during the day.  I’m about to go and do a little yoga-ing…trying to ease myself back into working out again.

Then I read The Pioneer Woman‘s entry from yesterday or today (I forget already).  She started running.  Well damn it.  I have always WANTED to run, but for whatever reason, it is painful for me to run.  I have running shoes.  I bought a running bra (which doesn’t work quite as well as I wanted it to).  And I still find it painful.  But…maybe I’ll try again.  When it gets cooler.

Yes, I can hear you all saying it.  If she jumped off a bridge, would you?  Well that’s just silly talk.  She doesn’t live near any bridges.

So, it’s yoga time.


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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