Ravioli salad

English: veggies

English: veggies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I made this one up, and it tasted pretty darn good.  I think it wouldn’t sound quite as appetizing if I called it, “Clean Up All The Left Over Veggies” salad…but it’s kinda what i did…


First off, cook either frozen tortellini, or ravioli to meet package instructions.  I used about 12 oz of frozen spinach & kale ravioli.  You can use whatever is your favorite.  Drain it and set it aside to cool.  Mix it with some olive oil if you want to keep it from sticking together.  One big lump of ravioli does make an unappealing salad.


The, cut into 1″ cubes:


eggplant (about 1 lb)


summer squash (1)


green pepper (1)


garlic cloves (3)


(you can do zucchini, red pepper, onions, corn…whatever you have, whatever you want to roast)


Coat the veggies with 2 tbsp olive oil and roast in a 425 oven for 15-20 minutes or until roasty good.


While those are roasting, cut about 20 grape tomatoes into quarters, or chop into small pieces one roma tomato.


Also, mince a few olives.  Cut up one avocado (I used Haas, but whatever).


When everything has roasted, separate out the garlic cloves.  Dump the rest of the veggies in with the ravioli and mix.  Add the tomatoes, olives, avocado.


Squash the garlic cloves, and a small amount of avocado (maybe about 1 tsp) and put in a mixing bowl or measuring cup.  Add salt & pepper or seasoning of you choice (I used Penzeys Green Seasoning).  Cover with 1/4 c of extra virgin olive oil and 1 1/2 tbsp of white balsamic vinegar.  Whisk to combine.


Add to the salad and mix to combine.  Adjust seasoning if needed.



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