Have a Holly Jolly Christmas….

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I figure now’s as good a time as any to say that.  I’ve got a few things to do tomorrow and Tuesday, and probably won’t blog.  Maybe Tuesday night.  No promises tho.

Right now, I just wanna say that while it’s a good Christmas – it’s a hard holiday for us – well, at least for me.  Christmas was my dad’s thing.  He was all about some decorating and putting on a big ole show.  We had garland hanging from our…um…everything.  Sconces, pass-throughs, doorways…and gilded angels hanging from the garland.  Huge ornaments, fancy nutcrackers, wreaths, swags…of course a Christmas tree with ZILLIONS of ornaments on it.

Then there’s the Praesepio (or, maybe Presepio…depends on where you look around here).  It is, in short (and there’s nothing short about it), a “Christmas city” of Bethlehem…as interpreted by Italians.  So…we have a manger which is in a cave, and a hillside with the Inn, and a store…and a castle, and of course, a 14 room Victorian house reminiscent of the house we lived in when we lived in Salem, MA.  There’s also a mountain – with many, many levels – where the three kings can travel from.  This thing has a life of its own.  It has legs, and hundreds of Fontanini figurines…some of which actually have names (I thought my dad might have been losing it, naming the figurines but the boxes they came in ACTUALLY had names on them…)

Anyway, Jim’s been putting the presepio together this year.  He watched as best he could as my dad put it together in the past three years.  We’ve only had a few issues.  It does, however, need a total re-wiring.  Did I mention that the inn, store, castle and Victorian house all have windows that you can see lights in?  Yeah.

And, so this year, it will stay up through January into Feb, so that those coming to our wedding can come see it.  We’ve told everyone about it and now YOU all know about it.

Well, as much as I know dad will be here in “spirit”…I’d like him to be here.  Please know that I appreciate your thoughts…but it doesn’t make me feel differently knowing I will see him again.  I know that.  I *believe that*.  But, I’d just like my daddy to be here again for Christmas.  Last year was a gift.  And I didn’t even really know it at the time.

I am blessed to have Jim in my life.  He is my rock.  He reminds me that it’s okay to feel the way I feel.  And that dad is here.  He reminds me that love is all around.


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2 Responses to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas….

  1. Cricket says:

    The first year is always the hardest. First birthday without (his & yours); first Thanksgiving without; first Christmas without; first {insert name of special occasion here} without. Even after all these years I’d still like my Mom & Dad to be here. Cherish your time with your mom. And may everyone in your household have a very Merry Christmas.


  2. maryaquino says:

    I’ll see you soon, too. Thanks Cricket.


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