All in a day’s ramblings…

English: A cast-iron pan.

English: A cast-iron pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One would think I’m writing this at the end of a long, hard day.  But no.

I just want to put out there how much I love cast iron cooking.  That statement may lead to other statements not related to cast iron (for those who know and love me…SQUIRREL or…I *love* waffles).

In the past year, having to cook with someone else’s pans, I’ve realized that “non-stick” pans seem to lose their non-stickieness into your food…in the form of tiny black flecks that you KNOW are not pepper, cuz you haven’t seasoned the food yet.  OR…it’s boiling water and no pepper is going into the boiling water.

I know people who have maintained that teflon coatings can be bad.  Well, I’m all up in the cast-iron thing.  No need for a chemical coating.  It’s just non-stick.  Cuz it is.

Except for my wok pan.  I don’t know what kind of non-stickieness it has but…it doesn’t chip off and it’s NOT cast iron.  I digress.

Why am I talking about this?  I have NO idea.  None.  Not a one.

Okay, just go back to your daily grind.  Maybe I’ll make more of a literary impact later.  Or tomorrow.  Have a nice day.


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2 Responses to All in a day’s ramblings…

  1. jennyelaine says:

    Hi Mary, I think cast iron cooking is the best! Healthy too….that’s the way people got their iron suppliment too..ha! I remember my mom rarely ever washed hers. She would wipe it clean, then keep it in the oven, where the pilot light was to keep it seasoned. This generation should learn how to cook in it….I mean, they are coming out with these ceramic coated pans because they are ‘greener’….well, then why not just go back to using cast iron?! Can you write a post about how to use one?

    Oh, have you been to my blog? I am doing a giveaway…



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