Cool Jazz

Cute Puppy Girl SittingLately Coombsy has had issues going to sleep.  She thinks she hears thunder, or rain, or a mouse, or a sonic boom in Malaysia…so, we have to sleep with cool jazz on.

Now that I’ve moved from one smart phone to another, I actually have the Pandora app on my phone.  I play the cool jazz station on that for her.  Tonight, not only is it cool jazz, but it’s piano-contemp versions of Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

I was pondering this post – as you all know, I haven’t posted here in quite a while – and not sure what I was to talk about.  Cool Jazz isn’t really my topic, but it was a great opener.

Me, I’m just praying that the next four months does not bring too much of a palor over our small family.  We are about to embark upon the cavalcade of anniversaries:  Mom’s birthday (dad always went all out), 1 year anniversary of Dad’s death, Mother’s Day (again…dad…well, you get it), Dad’s Birthday, Father’s Day and their 58th anniversary.  Sigh.  A weaker soul would have crumbled, but mom is a trooper.  I don’t even think she knows she’s strong.  She’d probably scoff at the mention.

And, by jiminy, my husband will be joining me up here…yes, we are to live together (more than we have been) finally.  Ain’t life grand?

So, there’s a mixture of joy, sorrow, and of course, the continual need for cool jazz.  Geez, spring is thunderstorm season, isn’t it?


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2 Responses to Cool Jazz

  1. Cricket says:

    Music soothes the savage beast, eh? Or not so savage.

    The 1st year is the hardest – all those milestone days you have to get through without your loved. He is never far from you. Ever.

    And that’s a helluva commute Jim’s going to have!



  2. maryaquino says:

    No, Jim is FINALLY leaving the weapons station. He is starting a new life. Yay!

    Savage. Ok. But my little savage has been sweet lately!


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