Well I love that dirty water…….BOSTON YOU’RE MY HOME

If there was one place in the world I could say was my “home town”, it would be Peabody, MA.  If you don’t know where Peabody is, find Boston and look north about 25 miles.  That’s Peabody.  It’s where I went to elementary school, junior high, and high school.  I met my husband there (I married him 37 years later down here but….whatever).


And, never before has Boston been such a huge topic of conversation for an entire week.  I mean, the Pats have won the Super Bowl, the Sox the World Series…occasionally we hear about the Boston Marathon.


Not like this year.


Friends and relatives…well, we needed to know where they were.  We made sure that everyone we knew was accounted for.


And, we waited.


I honestly cringed on Friday when I saw pictures of the totally barren Mass Pike on the way into Boston – the Longfellow bridge, the SE Expressway, the Tobin, Storrow Drive, Harvard Square…EMPTY.  It was beyond chilling…it was downright upsetting.


In some of those upsetting moments I had to dig deep and remember that we are NOT to judge, we are not to condemn a whole race/group of people for the actions of one or two.  How hard is that?


I thought of this fro Matthew 6:  27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?


Why that verse?  Because – I believe that when this kind of man-made disaster occurs we *do* worry.  We worry about ourselves.  We worry about family, friends, our homes, our former homes…we worry that life will change again as it did after 9/11.  It is in our make-up to worry about such things.  Remember, John tells us in chapter 16 that Jesus said, 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


So…when I was sad, distraught and somewhat freaked out about all the stuff going on in my home town – really, a town that I hold near and dear – I found quiet comfort in Matthew 6:27 and John 16:33.  They told me everything I needed to know at the time.  Don’t worry.  This world is a mess.  But Jesus, our Savior, has overcome the world!


It would be an amazing thing to keep those two verses close to our hearts as this month/year moves on….

English: Official highway sign placed along ma...

English: Official highway sign placed along many state highways indicating a corporate boundary. This sign indicates entering the city of Boston. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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3 Responses to Well I love that dirty water…….BOSTON YOU’RE MY HOME

  1. We lived outside of Boston for a little over a year. And I know Peabody…lovely town.

    Very chilling tv coverage this week. I am so saddened at all that has transpired…praying for the injured and praying for the young man who survived and now must live with the consequences of his deeds. May we all find forgiveness and grace to move on and keep our minds on the eternal perspective.

    Thank you for your wonderful reminder to forgive and show mercy…and move forward.And to hold onto Jesus our Savior…amen!!

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  2. maryaquino says:

    I just have to say that in re-reading my words from 3 years ago…I am still struggling not to worry about things – in the throes of this fiery political insanity….how can we not worry, when we are tasked with voting for the least distasteful person in the bunch…and really, they are ALL distasteful.


  3. Pray for the Lord’s will. God is in control and the circumstances happen as a result of man’s sin but He teaches us in them as well.

    Yes, our choices are troubling. God knows our needs and just like a part with a child we love, He must at times let us fall in order to learn how to get up and walk again. I just pray the skinned knees are not too bad. 🙂

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