A Witness…redux…as best I can remember


I was asked to witness tonight.  I’ve really only witnessed by request twice…and the first time didn’t go so well.  But…here’s the way things went.

The request came around 3 PM ish.  Either Jim or I.  Witness to the local Cursillo community.  At the Welcome Home dinner.  Jim didn’t feel well.  I was kinda thinking it would be good for him to witness.  He needs more time to tell his story.  🙂

So, I had planned to do the whole “how I came to be Mrs. Aquino-Cooper” thing but…as we were doing our small group discussion, it came to me that I had to witness how important my church family is to me.  So…here it went a bit like this.

I had been a member of St. George’s in Summerville for quite a few years, went to Cursillo 147, until a couple of years ago when my dad, who had stage 4 cancer but was doing fairly well, wound up in the hospital.  My mom called me in tears and asked me to come.  So, I hung up with her, called my boss and said I gotta go.  Then I called Jim and said I was going.  Packed the dog and my stuff and never went back.

With all the crazy mixed up of the time, I knew where I would go to church.  I had met a few Cursillo friends who were now attending The Well.  And when Jim attended Mary Rife’s Cursillo 160…well, that sealed it.

These people became my family.  They helped me through when my dad passed away a year ago.  They stood by me when I swore up and down that I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER get married again…and then smiled when I announced that I was engaged.  And of course, rejoiced with me at my wedding.

This is my family, my church family…my Cursillo family.  You all are.

Close but not exact…cuz well, I spoke off the cuff.  🙂




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