Two birthdays later

I dunno.

I used to love every birthday.  It was “my special day” and no matter what year…how old I got, what situation I was in – that was my day to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong – I totally understand that the alternative to having a birthday is not what I’m looking for – things are just different now.

I mean, now I don’t get any special daddy things – he was always kinda clever with his method of wishing happy birthday, or hiding cards, or…well, just being dad.

I thought last year would be the hard one.  But no.  This year isn’t much better … and to top it off, it’s raining so that always puts me in a wonderful mood.

I should be ecstatic.  I’m 50, I’m married to someone I love fiercely.  I have a great job, I’m starting my own business too…but geez.  No dad really makes me blue.

This seems to be a blog of two line paragraphs.  Except now.

So, Happy Birthday to me – and, well….not.


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Food, rock and roll and greyhound lover
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3 Responses to Two birthdays later

  1. Hugs sister! My dad is sitting at Jesus’ feet with yours and I miss him too.


  2. jim cooper a.k.a. mr.mary aquino says:

    ……can’t seem to click “like”…to see my Greatest gift from GOD, the LOVE OF MY LIFE, so….sad, breaks my heart. My size 13 feet can never begin to fill the shoes of my dearest friend, Mary’s dad Antone Aquino’s shoes……Mary Margaret, I LOVE YOU. MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD!…..I know it doesn’t help. Just had to say it again
    ……….all my LOVE! – Jim


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