Friends…precious jewels…


Y’know – I think I have like…12 friends.  They’re all some version of me…parts of me I never show –

Now, don’t go trying to count and think, “am I one of them?”  Really, what I mean is, there are a dozen parts of me that I think are left blank so that one type of friend fits in each of them.  So…instead of having 12 friends, I have a dozen friend “types”.

(Those of you who know what I do for a living are now thinking, “OH GEEZ, SHE’S GONNA TALK DATABASE GEEK STUFF…)

No.  I know my Myers-Briggs personality type.  ENFJ.  And, I know that for each of those letters, there’s an “opposite”…And, for each of those opposites, there are degrees.  Therefore, if you want to break it up mathematically – there are probably generically 3 degrees of each opposite letter.  Three times four equals twelve.

Anyway – so…I think about all of you I love so dearly…you are just a part of me that I don’t show.  And we’re friends because you make up part of who I am.

I’m thinking of all these great people in my life, that are so like me and so NOT LIKE ME, and I desperately love each and every one of you.  In some little nutty way, I wish I were like you…some part of you.

Yes, this is rambling stuff – and you all do indulge me way too much with the ramblings, I thank you for that.

Here’s the thing – how does this relate to anything you may need to know?  Well, I believe this in my own little crazy belief system:  We are all precious jewels in the eyes of the Lord.  And even if you don’t BELIEVE in “organized religion” ya gotta admit – it feels pretty good to think that you’re a “PRECIOUS JEWEL” in someone’s eyes.  Now take that above and beyond human level – a deity believes you to be precious.  I kinda like that.  It makes me feel special.

I think … no I believe…that we … you (the collective and the singular) and I together (is that redundant?) form this one jewel with unmatched beauty – God looks at us and says, “Oh well, hell…they aren’t perfect, and the do stuff wrong but I just think they are precious…”

So, remember when you’re feeling down – you are part of something great.  Part of my amazing group of friends (not that I’m amazing…y’all are…) and part of a group of completely precious jewels.


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2 Responses to Friends…precious jewels…

  1. You are right but for one thing! You are an amazing, unique and precious jewel yourself!


  2. Cricket says:

    And we are all ONE.


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