In those very quiet and alone times

I’m sleepy, so I may not make sense but I have been thinking for the past couple of days about what it is that I’m supposed to be…lately I’ve had many titles.  Instructional designer, jeweler, treasurer, daughter, wife, care giver, visual media coordinator, parish coordinator, momma (to a greyhound), cook, shopper, baker, volunteer…the list goes on and on.  At any point in time, I could let those titles define me.  With so many of them flying around, it’s hard not to basque in the glory or wallow in the self pity of at least one of those titles for a little while.

Let me propose something.  In the words of the new (new as of the date of this blog) Matthew West song, “Hello My Name Is“, we let too many other titles define us.  Instead of letting our earthly titles define our place in this universe, why not try THIS title:  Child of the One True King.  Child of God.  Child of the Light.  Child of the Son of Man.  We are all those things and so much more.  But by definition, we are each one of God’s Children.

I find a lot of comfort in that thought, because while I spend my time switching titles during the day…I can keep that one title with me all the time.  Child of God.

The quiet times in my life are few and far between these days.  I will admit that openly.  When I do take the time to be still, I find that “Hello My Name Is” pops into my head.  Not only because it’s a catchy tune but because I need that reaffirmation.  I’m no longer just one of those “worldly” titles, I’m part of a heavenly family…and my sins are wiped clean.  My Savior died on a cross to redeem me.  And, to “kill” death.  I will, just as Jesus did, rise again and join the other saints in heaven…

Yes, the fact that I’ve kinda been surrounded by death this past week is probably a reason why I keep pausing in the silence and thinking about this stuff.

But, I am trying also to quiet my mind and listen as a Child listens intently to her Father for instruction.


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