In a way, this is both a post that is a devotion, and that shows my devotion.

Dear Lord,

I woke up today and I praise you for allowing me to open my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I saw beside me the love of my life – yes, it took a while for me to know he IS the love of my life, but that he slept beside me (okay, he was lying there…has issues sleeping – a story for another time) was a blessing.  Hearing him breath steadily, knowing his heart beats for you and for me…that struck joy into my heart.

I looked to the foot of my bed and my companion for the past 9 years, my baby girl, my princessa was looking at me, groggily.  I knew she was also a gift from you.

I started my work computer.  When it connected to the network, I praised you yet again that I have a job which sustains my ability to tithe, to donate, and to maintain life in my household…the house of my family…mom, dogs…etc.

I heard the stirring of my mom’s dog…meaning she was up.  She woke up too – thus, we praised you for another day of her life – in good health and relatively sound mind.

Although it is steamy and sultry outside, I praise the glory of this earth you have given us – verdant, lush, bountiful.  Your gift of the Earth is one we should never overlook.  It is our duty to uphold its beauty and maintain its bounty.

To you, oh Lord, I give my praise. I raise up in song, I sing of your grace.

To you, oh Lord, I proclaim your blessings.  Of those amazing gifts, I shout from the mountaintops.

My past may be scarred, but you have healed my sins and washed me clean.  I am human but in your image and I strive to live the life you want for me.

I pray for the saints who have gone before – and pray that with the angels, they guide and guard us as we walk the most crooked of paths.

I pray for those souls here on earth who are looking, but have not found your peace.  I also pray for those who are not looking because they believe they can do it all by themselves.  I was there too…but I know now that you have been my air mattress…my safety net…my reason that though I trip and I fall, I am not bent and broken from the stress of this road I tried to travel alone.

I pray for unity.  We all know you love us.  If we don’t already know…I’m telling it now.  GOD loves us all…seeks a relationship with us.  God does not see us as catholic or protestant, American or French, Black, white, yellow, green, pink with purple polka-dots.  Gay, straight, tall, short, fat, skinny, diseased, whole.  When we fall to our knees in prayer, he sees a reflection of HIMSELF as we are made in his image.  Our “fights” amongst each of these factions are NOT OF GOD, whether they’re wrapped in the religion we claim as our own or not.  Holy Wars are not holy.  There is nothing holy about derision.  So call it what it is.  Humans faltering.  God wants us to love each other as he has loved us.  The Bible tells us that.  BEYOND ALL ELSE:  Love One Another As I Have Loved You.  THIS IS THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT OF ALL.

I pray for peace – see above about wars – but also peace of mind.  This world robs us of our peace.  Just ask Francesca Battistelli.  I ask for a calm, quiet time.  I ask for the words to give to others who read my words.  I ask for those things to be to the Glory of God the Father Almighty.

And finally Father, I ask that we all see ourselves as the Apple of Your Eye – you marvelously made us – vis a vis Psalm 139.  You knew us as we were formed in the womb.  You know each of the hairs on our head and you have a plan for our lives.  Help each of us know ourselves as you know us, and to live the plan of abundant life YOU have for us.  Give us the strength to know your will (as opposed to OUR will), and to put in action those things that draw us ever closer to you.

I ask you all this in the name of MY Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – who’s blood was shed for my redemption.  Who’s glory shines amongst all.


During worship today, at The Well by the Sea

During worship today, at The Well by the Sea

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Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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  1. jim cooper a.k.a. mr.mary aquino says:



  2. Erin Pascal says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful prayers! They are all very good and I know that God will definitely grant them. I will also pray with you Mary! Thank you so much for this! May God bless you!


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